Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
9 6

Mapper: Klexx Difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert easy/normal/hard/expert; This song has a lot of variety in speed and tempo, so there are lots of fast note sequences as well as bombs and walls d…

Fade To Black
Difficulties Hard Expert
1 2

Mapper: Blueeye7 Difficulties: Expert, Hard Hey guys, I hope you enjoy this map, it’s my first one. Just feel the epic atmosphere this song from Shockwavesound creates and you will do good 😀 I t…

Out of Blue Bass 1.2
Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
6 2

Mapper: BattleProgrammer Difficulties: Expert, Hard, ExpertPlus Out of Blue Bass by Betwixt&Between, shortened to about two minutes because it gets very repeating. RIP Kaoru Changelog Ver 1.2 R…

Hero (Kibou no Uta)
Difficulties Hard
1 0

Mapper: Marvelosity Difficulties: Hard Hero (Song of Hope) by FLOW from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Enjoy, and be warned that it’s my first map. Please leave constructive criticism if youR…