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Not a title request, but a difficulty request

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    Hello, mappers !
    There is something really frustrating, in the great amount of custom songs available : many times, I find a song I really like, and I’m happy to be able to download it 🙂 Thanks to you ! But, the thing is … very often, the only difficulty mapped is Expert, or Expert+…
    So my request is not for a particular song, it’s for, at least, a “normal” difficulty for the songs. I know many players just rocks at the game, and have absolutely no use for a “normal” difficulty, but I’m sure many casual gamers, beginners, or clumsy people, would be more than gratefull if they could play at least in normal mode any song they can find.
    I dont know if it’s a lot of work to do so. Maybe it’s a copy/past of the Expert map, and then remove some cubes ? I don’t know, but, just, think about it please 🙂
    And, again, great job guys for all the songs ! Thank you very much !


    I have seen a video about map making and I will say it looks incredibly difficult. Maybe its easier than it looks for the experienced but props to the mappers out there for taking the time to give the community so many options for content. Thank you.
    That being said, as a newer player, I am just starting to venture into attempting expert. At the moment it is mostly frantic attempts to hit notes and not nearly as fun as a well-played normal or hard difficulty. I like big swings and getting lots of movement into the songs and the higher difficulties just look like all wrist. I would like more hard difficulties and would even take normals that I can put on faster time for a bit more challenge

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This is a place to request maps. Please include a Youtube link if possible or some type of link to the song. Because maps can take 20+ hours to chart, mappers usually need to really want to map the song, so don’t necessarily expect to get lucky and find one to do it for you. If you want to try mapping yourself, I recommend watching this tutorial series on how to get started: