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Mafumafu ft IA – Kakushigoto / Secret (かくしごと)

Home Forums Map Requests Mafumafu ft IA – Kakushigoto / Secret (かくしごと)

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    May try my hand at this but as usual for me I have another idea for my first map that’s way more complicated then this

    It’s used in groove coaster (where I first heard it) and here’s someone playing the ios version on hard (although… yeah… I’m still on normal difficulty heh)

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This is a place to request maps. Please include a Youtube link if possible or some type of link to the song. Because maps can take 20+ hours to chart, mappers usually need to really want to map the song, so don’t necessarily expect to get lucky and find one to do it for you. If you want to try mapping yourself, I recommend watching this tutorial series on how to get started: