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Madonna – Vogue (WIP Started)

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    I started mapping this, more information and the download is available. Check my post in the main group feed. Also offering a $50 bounty (hope that’s ok).


    Here’s the file link from the main feed in case it gets lost in the shuffle:

    WIP Song: Madonna – Vogue

    I’ve got some of the major parts laid out but I need some help. If anyone would like to pick up the rest of it or contribute it would mean a lot. Also offering a bounty. It’s a popular song and since it’s my first I think someone else who can do it justice might be better to finish it.

    The chorus I based off the newer dance moves. I want this to be a really fun endurance song like Gangnam Style. I think the chorus and some of the other work I already did is pretty good so far, but I don’t feel confident enough to bring it the rest of the way.

    WIP Version from mediocre mapper linked

    And in case anyone needs it:
    Vogue by Madonna (Official Video)

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This is a place to request maps. Please include a Youtube link if possible or some type of link to the song. Because maps can take 20+ hours to chart, mappers usually need to really want to map the song, so don’t necessarily expect to get lucky and find one to do it for you. If you want to try mapping yourself, I recommend watching this tutorial series on how to get started: