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    Heya Beasts—

    I just finished a substantial PC upgrade and am running a fresh install of Windows along with it. I’ve been Beat Saber-obsessed for a while now, but this only ramped things up. I’m looking for a nice 4k wallpaper to make the computer feel as new as it is (rather than using my old one), but I can’t find any Beat Saber-specific images in high enough resolution.

    Has anyone come across anything like this or this in 4k? I really love the second one as an artistic take on the idea.


    Take a look at this one in 4k: https://www.flickr.com/photos/playstationblog/45030000154/in/album-72157691897436540/ (there’s other ultra high resolution ones in there)

    Also, here’s a 4k version of the one that you mentioned: https://bsaber.com/Stuff/BeatSaberWallpaper4k.jpg


    Awesome! Good to know there’s some out there! Thanks, Elliott!

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