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    As the title says: I bookmarked a few songs – when I fired BeatSaber up under Steam for the first time it downloaded a couple of them (three I believe – among them one I already deleted from my bookmarks). I closed BeatSaber, restarted it and it continued downloading a couple more.

    I looked up the common issues with SyncSaber (https://www.notion.so/SyncSaber-Common-Issues-With-Easy-Solutions-f99bdd13b13a4dfc82cafaf506e1ee1c) but unfortunately I can’t find any error.

    Also after that I bookmarked a few more songs – it won’t download them either.

    So if anyone got an idea…any help would be much appreciated.



    Hey! I’d happy to look at it! Do you mind if I reset your password to do some diagnostics to see what’s going on? You can set it back when I’m done.


    Also, please check if they show up here when you bookmark a map: https://bsaber.com/members/jettstiles/bookmarks/

    If it doesn’t, then it’s a bsaber.com issue that I need to look into. If it does, then it’s something with SyncSaber. Thanks!


    Hi Eliotttate.
    sure..go ahead — and yeah, they do show up under Bookmarks. F.e. one of the songs in my bookmark-list which won’t download is All Star from Smashmouth.


    Ahh, okay, I looked at it closer. Can you confirm now that Smash Mouth is the only one that’s not syncing? That’s because the mapper removed the map from BeatSaver. I believe one of the curators put the map back on from a backup, but since it’s not on beatsaver.com, it won’t work with SyncSaber.

    That should be just a really rare exception and you probably won’t run into that scenario again.


    Aye, Smash Mouth is now the only song missing – just restarted Beat Saber and it downloaded the rest of the songs (Terminator 2-theme and one track from Lindey Stirling).

    Those two songs were missing aswell before – was that because the Smash Mouth-track messed up something or did it just take a while for SyncSaber to sync my bookmarks?

    Anyway…thanks a lot for your help..really appreciate it

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