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    Any chance this website can get any sort of organized or sorted browser? All categories are just random. Organize by in-game download and you’d think it would go from top rated to least rated, nope all random numbers.

    There’s no good way to browse songs on this site. Just randomly scroll through pages and picking what you like.



    Can you tell me a little bit more what you’re thinking? The categories actually aren’t random, they follow a strict set of rules, but maybe we need to have those explained a bit better. I’m working on a full detailed tutorial of all the features on the site that I’ll share with you soon. If you have any suggestions for how it should be changed, please let me know too!

    For the “top” and “Most Liked This Week,” sorts, it uses an algorithm that takes into account downvotes too (along with a few other factors) to try to give a more accurate result than a strict “sort by the number of upvotes. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the other sort methods!


    Personally, I would really like to sort on likes without taking the dislikes or other stuff into account.
    It’s just so weird to see the number of likes not in descending order when viewing a ‘top’ list.

    In the meantime, is there maybe a json piece of data we can use to figure out a list of most liked tracks?


    Can we have sorting in search results as well? Currently the options are limited to ‘relevant’ and newest/oldest.
    It would be so helpful to just be able to sort everywhere in bsaber.com on # of downloads, upvotes, downvotes.
    Then there could be more advanced sorting like the number of upvotes per download or the average # of upvotes per day the song is on bsaber.com
    It would also help to reduce the amount of genres, or at least be able to search through multiple genres at once. The option to filter out some genres could also be very helpful.
    I would also love a feature that gives us a list of maps that people like who also like the ont that you are looking at in bsaber.com at the moment.

    Soo many ideas…..

    Hope it helps.


    Forgot to mention an option to sort on bpm.
    Maybe bsaber can even implement chained sorting. So you could sort on upvotes, and sort those results on bpm or another option mentioned above.

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