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    The single-page blog format is a poor design choice for this kind of site with so many posts and a frequent need to jump to older dates. Using a single, ever-loading page for this kind of site can quickly bog down your PC as your browser eats up all of your CPU and memory scrolling a gargantuan page.

    It’s also a poor choice to use blog post dates like “1 week ago” and “2 weeks ago” because they make it very difficult to pick up where you last left off scanning new songs.

    I make a note of when I last scanned the song list. That way when I visit again I can find where I left off. If the posts used proper dates like September 20, 2019 then finding exactly where I left off would be simple! Instead, the dates are dumbed down to “3 weeks ago” or “1 month ago”. That’s way less helpful because you can only guess within a week! If I don’t visit in over a month then it’s even worse.

    Hopefully this blog template lets you choose a different date format with the flip of a switch. That would be great and would instantly make the site better and more user friendly.


    Hey! If you click on “Songs,” you can then type in what page you want. Like this https://bsaber.com/songs/new/page/2/

    Or type in 25 for page number, etc. There’s a way to set in a date range too, though I’ll have to look that up again (on mobile)


    Did you ever figure out how to set it a date range? I make a note of what day I last checked the new maps. It would be great to be able to jump right to that date the next time I visit.

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