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    A few weeks ago I started using ModSaber Installer and the experience was great. Very user friendly and being able to go to this site and just use the OneClick Install was great (BeatSaver Viewer is a pretty cool feature as well).

    I stopped playing for about a week and when I cambe back I didnt have any songs, dont know if an update broke it, but the strange thing was that the songs werent even on the directory. Maybe it was an update, maybe I did something wrong. FYI I have the Oculus Store version.

    So I tried to play yesterday and since I didnt have any songs I came back here to download them and I noticed this (https://bsaber.com/installing-the-mod-guide-necessary-for-any-custom-songs/) article which mentions BeatDrop 2.0 which I hadnt used before. It mentions it should have been released by now but apparently it hasnt (If I go here https://bsaber.com/beatdrop/ it downloads version 1.0.1b). The app is pretty nice as well, but the thing is that the selection of songs is taken (apparently) from the old site (dont remember the name) I used to download song from (before bsaber.com, which IMO has a better song selection).

    When will BeatDrop 2.0 be released? Would that be the goto app from now on? Will it have any sort of integration with bsaber.com?

    What do you people use to browse/download songs? ModSaber Installer, BeatDrop? Other?


    Yeah, it’s unfortunately taken a little bit longer to get BeatDrop 2 all ready. You can download the new version here: https://bsaber.com/beatdrop/ but consider it a beta for now. We’re planning on releasing the final version this weekend with just a little more polish.

    If you only want the song downloading portion, definitely download it now. Bsaber has been updated to work closer with it (so the one click downloads work now with it) and we’ll continue integrating parts of Bsaber with it. You’ll notice you can now see bsaber review scores on songs and open each song back in bsaber, etc. (even more coming after the initial launch though!)


    I downloaded BeatDrop 2 but once it installs it opens up and it hangs at Scanning for songs …

    I have the Oculus Store version.

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