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    Recently i’ve been running into a issue where many of my scores are above my online leaderboard score yet they don’t update. Not only this i’m not getting anything on new maps i beat. I usually like to see where i’m at compared to everyone else but now its just refusing to even show me on the leaderboard. I’ve been playing this for a while so i don’t know why now its not letting me on the leaderboard, nothing has changed.


    I’d also like to state 1. my internet is fine 2. its not antivirus 3. its not because i have any old mods i just redownloade everything to try and fix it. It seems like there is something wrong with the mod that won’t detect my scores set.


    So apparently the mod installer failed to install things right and threw the plugins in the incompatible folder even though they are compatible. Really no reason for it to do this but it did a good job of wasting my time. This means i fixed it so nvm


    Glad to hear! Sorry, was away. Yeah, it does this if you run the mod installer before running Beat Saber at least once after a fresh install. This is actually part of Beat Saber to prevent old plugins corrupting your data after an official Beat Saber update is installed.

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