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    Got a couple custom maps I’d like to share on here but can’t find the way…

    Enlighten me 🙂


    Awesome! Our sister-site beatsaver.com is where you actually upload the maps. Make sure you use the same username there and the two accounts will auto link up. Let me know if you have any issues!


    Will do! Thanks for your help.

    Ronins Nightgoat

    I use username from Bsaber to login in Beatsaver but it’s said No username found =w=

    But i can login Bsaber with this username. Why i can’t login in Beatsaver ; w ;

    It’s same username and password


    @Ronins I am experiencing the same issue. I suspect it may be due to the fact that the Beatsaver site is undergoing a rewrite and the ability to create an account is currently not available (see the Github site).

    I’m guessing those that already had an account linked to their account here can still upload maps, but for those of us that are new are unable to upload until we can create a new account on Beatsaver with the same username/pw. Either that, or the link between user databases/authorization is broken. I suspect the former since the latter would impact all users, but since new maps are still appearing daily, they must still be able to upload. Unless there is some other method for uploading maps.

    Or I could be completely off base! I just wanted to share that I have the same issue as Ronins.


    Is the fact that they’re going through a rewrite the fact that I cannot upload any new maps via beatsaver?


    you need to create a new account using the same username and password, you can’t just log in using the same credentials

    Dj Jysbs

    Do anyone knows when we are able to recive the verifications e-mail?

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