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    Beat Saber quit working on me after the latest update which is normal I understand that but when I loaded the game and tried to hit split campaign or party nothing would happen so I followed what some people were saying over on Steam’s forum and so I uninstalled the game and beatdrop. I backed up all of my custom sabers, platforms, and songs onto another hard drive beforehand. I reinstalled the game and it pulled up just fine on its own so then I downloaded Mod Assistant and everything was working so I tried adding the folders for the sabers, platforms, and songs back in the folder but they are not registering in the game. It says I have no custom stuff downloaded. Please I really need help I had over 500 songs and I really don’t want to go back and redownload all of them. Also I downloaded all the songs in-game.


    For the custom songs you need to convert them to the new format and move them to Beat Saber_Data/CustomLevels. The maps will be listed under the Custom Levels icon in game. To convert, drag your old map to songe-converter.exe in the game folder. For further support & troubleshooting you should head on over to the BSMG discord server #support channel. https://discord.gg/beatsabermods


    It’s fine I got it fixed by myself. I will keep this in mind though. I just had the file in SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Beat Saber/plugins and moved them out of the plugins folder into the Beat Saber folder restarted the game and they all converted.

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