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    I posted a map in a incomplete state because I wanted to see what it would look like in my Quest. It is fairly terrible and I have to go back and redo almost everything, but I cannot seem to figure out hoe to remove the terrible one I uploaded. Please help as I really don’t want others to be frustrated by my incomplete first mapping attempt.



    Your best bet would be go to the Beat Saber Modding Group mapping discussion channel and ask there. I believe that currently the only way to delete anything for beatsaver is to get one of the staff to do it. If they will. You’ll need to go ask on BSMG.

    You do not need to upload to beatsaver to test your map. Go read the mapping wiki. And go to mappers.beatmappertools.com. Beatmappertools makes mapping with the Quest almost as easy (maybe even easier in some ways) as mapping on the PC. If you’re not using beatmappertools, you are doing it the (very) hard way!

    Best of luck with your mapping!

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