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    I’m kinda interested to try my hand at mapping, but I’m a little concerned about copyright or IP law coming back to hurt me. I’ve noticed there are some fairly big name artists and popular songs that are being mapped and shared, and I’m not sure if its something that’s addressed, or just ignored because its still somewhat niche. However since piracy (particularly with music) seems to have come to the forefront over the last decade, I don’t really want to cross any lines.

    I mean, at the end of the day, if things just get taken down that fine with me; it’s being confronted with fines and such that I would want to avoid.


    Here’s a bunch of reasons why you shouldn’t worry and start mapping
    1: no money is exchanging hands for maps. That means if an artist wants to sue he has to hire a lawyer to get… nothing. Well they’d get bad publicity. But that’s it.
    2: DMCA Takedowns exist: if an artist is truly butthurt they can submit a takedown notice to beatsaver. Worst comes to worst it would be removed from the site. I don’t think this has happened.
    3: this is not the first rhythm game to use copyrighted music on maps made by fans. There’s an open source guitar hero clone that has a very active community of people using copyrighted songs to make maps for the game
    4: your username is nothing but a username: let’s say that the artist you map actually wants to sue you, bring you to court, hire a lawyer to get no money out of you: well he has to find YOU first. Typically the onus falls on the site that is hosting the illegal content rather than the content creators. And I can promise you the owner of beatsaver and bsaber aren’t sweating. I actually talk to the owner of this site frequently and I can promise you he’s not sweating.

    Get out there and map man! The community is excited to see what you can do!


    I suppose I consider myself a mapper.
    In my opinion , I’m not making any money for mapping songs . Nor do I feel I deserve any. I map for the fun of it. I’m spending hours mapping an artists song because It inspires me or whoever might’ve asked me to map said song . Again in my opinion it’s out of respect for an artist that he or she has there song mapped in BeatSaber , cause it ain’t easy …. to map it right . I’m still learning . If an artist is really that petty then sure they can have their ….. The record labels song taken down if they are really that worried about it ruining their career
    I’m sure there are several people that play a mapped song that they forgot about or possibly have never heard of and then go purchase or listen to the song on whatever streaming service they’re paying for.
    I for one purchase music and pay for streaming services to listen to music .


    That’s encouraging to hear.

    I guess my main concern is that the custom songs are distributed as .ogg files just sitting in the beat saber directory, which could potentially be perceived as file sharing, and then it kinda depends on how cut throat the artists and record labels are.

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