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    First, i just want to thanks for all modders these things.
    There is so many great songs, and my problem is, the much of these songs are like only ‘expert+++’.
    In my opinion there are players(like me) can never finish these maps, because they are too hard.
    So is that possible to make ‘expert+++’ “only” maps at least in hard? Or more maps in hard difficulty. (in genres: dubstep,house,electronic,japanese,dnb,[hard pumping songs])
    (Yes, using “No Fail” gives me bad feeling)


    Mapping additional difficulties can often take a lot of extra time, so not all mappers do. You can search songs based on difficulties on bsaber though and filter them a bit. Hard and Expert with custom songs are usually pretty close. Expert+ sometimes has a VERY high ceiling (so some Expert+ songs are really Expert+++). These are usually maps made to be a challenge though and not necessarily a “fun” hard map.


    I’m getting into mapping myself and have made it a point to make Hard, Expert, and Expert+ difficulties at minimum for any songs I choose to map so more people can enjoy them. I have a lot of friends who play Beat Saber, or at least have a passive interest in playing it on my Quest from time to time, so I’d like to let people like them experience some fun songs I find and map too!

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