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    Hi there,

    I’m looking to integrate bsaber.com access to an open source project I’m currently doing. I’ve looked at the sources of BeatDrop and saw there’s a JSON API to access ratings on bsaber.com; however, all the metadata (e.g., which difficulties are supported, how long is the song, where can it be downloaded from) seem to be rendered directly to HTML on bsaber.com instead of being retrieved by an API. Is there an API available? I’m going to give back to the community by fully releasing all my software under the GNU GPL-3. Would really hate to start scraping HTML.

    Would be cool if there was such a thing!
    All the best,


    Any luck with that?


    @axolotl & @polvoazul For that data, you’ll want to directly use the beatsaver.com API. There’s more info about using that on https://github.com/lolPants/beatsaver-reloaded/tree/master/docs

    If you need a JSON of all songs in the database for some reason, you can grab a current copy here: https://github.com/andruzzzhka/BeatSaberScrappedData

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