Featured Modeller Profile: Chara

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Beastsaber’s Community Spotlight! Today, we have Chara. They’ve done a ton of work for the Quest community, from volunteering countless hours in the BSMG support channels, writing guides, and 3D modelling! They’re also one of the newest additions to the BSMG moderator team. We hope you enjoy learning more about Chara and all they work they’ve done for the Beat Saber community!



Discord: Chara_#9355

QuestSaber Community Discord


Q. How long have you been practicing art? Is 3D art your only area of expertise? 

A. I rarely actually do 2D art, and mainly specialize in using unity for modeling related things.


Q. What got you into modelling for Beat Saber, or modeling in general?

A. One day I was really bored and wanted to try to port some sabers over to the quest, and it just built up from there. After I learned about the Quest Saber/Custom Saber mod then that really exploded my modeling adventures with innovating and growing the custom saber community by making sabers with particles, custom textures, and other stuff never before seen on quest!


Q. What kind of 3D art do you make for Beat Saber? Is it avatars, sabers, platforms, or something else entirely? 

A. I try to make some of everything, recently I have started to make walls as they’re a very underrated mod that is very easy to make models and such for.

One of Chara’s sabers!

Q.What piece of work are you most proud of?

A. I’m most proud of my personal saber I have made for myself. Not publicly available if you’re wondering.


Q. Where do you think you get most of your concepts / ideas from?

A. My ideas usually just come up in my head as I’m working or playing games in general.


Q. What does your process look like? Could you walk us through it a little bit?

A. The process of making a saber is a little complicated as making the saber itself is the hardest part, first starting off with an idea, and building upon that idea more and more as you go. I usually build up on one small idea and add more features I think would look nice. After the model is all said and done it’s time for the fun part, unity, where you add all of the cool shaders, effects, events, textures, and so forth.


Q. What made you want to set out and write guides for the Quest community?

A. From supporting the quest community I have seen tons of people having trouble with mods or how to install stuff so I decided to write my own correct guides on how everything works!


Q. How long have you been helping people in the various support channels of the BSMG discord? 

A. I have been helping in support channels for about half a year now and recently started becoming more active in #pc-help with most of the other supports.


Q. Let’s say I just purchased my very first Quest headset yesterday, but I’ve run into some issues and I need help. Do you have you any advice for me before I start asking in #quest-help?

A. Read👏the👏wiki👏 at https://bsmg.wiki/quest-modding.html, over there you can find everything you need such as how to install generally, and common troubleshooting steps that you would get by asking in #quest-help


Q. Do you have any words of wisdom for someone that would like to help out, but feels nervous getting started?

A. Learn from other people before giving your own advice, find common problems and solve people with only those problems, then work your way up to the more advanced problems and to a point where you can hold your own weight.


Q. Have/do you have any moments in which all the blood, sweat, and tears suddenly seem super worth it? 

A. Yes, a lot of times actually. During support there can be a few people where they just don’t get it and constantly stumble and fall, but it’s finally over after their issue is solved.


Q. You’ve recently become a moderator for the BSMG discord. Congratulations! What was that like? 

A. Honestly being a moderator feels about the same as being a normal user where I can just talk and hang out in general and such, nothing much different than before. But it is a nice change of pace and something to do during these times in quarantine.


Q. Could you tell us a little bit about your responsibilities as a moderator? 

The responsibilities of being a moderator include logging, detaining, and banning people, monitoring all of the channels, monitoring vc’s and so forth, just like moderators of other servers would do.


Q. What has been the most challenging aspect so far? 

A. Probably the most challenging/tedious part of being a moderator is the confrontation of people, honestly.


Q. Is there anything else you’d like to say? 

Pink Cute,
William Gay,
Cyan Furry,
And Stan Camellia. Have a nice day.

Thanks so much to Chara for talking with us and discussing so many aspects of their work within the Beat Saber community. If you have any questions for them, make sure to comment below!

Stay tuned for next Wednesday, where we’ll be profiling another rookie mapper!

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