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Welcome back to this week’s edition of Beastsaber’s Community Spotlight! Today, we have Nalululuna. They’re the creator of some very unique Beat Saber mods, such as the ‘Vacuum Saber’ and ‘Badminton’ mod, which are both hilarious, and pretty damn cool. They also have a fantastic YouTube channel where they upload their playthroughs of various maps. We’re very excited to have them with us, and we hope you enjoy getting to know Nalulululuna!




Q. When did you first get involved with Beat Saber, and VR as a whole?

I started Beat Saber in January of this year when I saw a video of the Vtuber Omega Sisters, with Ray playing Beat Saber. She cut the notes with such dynamic movement, which I thought was cool. One day I want to be a player who can move as mesmerizingly as she does.

Q. Did you ever do any sort of programming or modding before Beat Saber?

I’ve had programming knowledge from before, but this was my first time touching C# and Unity. I’m still trying things out, and it takes me a long time to achieve what I want to do.

Q. When did you start modding for Beat Saber? What inspired you to start?

I started playing with the mods about a month after I started Beat Saber. I originally only wanted to modify an existing mod to customize it for myself; it was just a simple change, like moving the display position or adding more options. Eventually I wasn’t satisfied with the existing mods, so I started making my own.

Q. Where do you come up with your ideas for all your different mods? They’re very unique!

I have a disorder of thought in which I think that anything and everything can be done with Beat Saber.
I often make mods for videos that recreate special moves from anime or scenes from games, like the following:
– Fate


(It has English subs)
Many of the mods that I use in my videos are game breaking, so I’m sorry that I haven’t released them to the public.

Q. Do you make the models that you use in your mods?

I often tweak copyright-free models to make them into custom sabers and notes.
I’m not good at using blender, so I try to avoid it if possible, but there’s no point in releasing the vacuum mod without a vacuum saber, right?

Q. Which of you mods is your favourite? What was the development process like for it?

I don’t have a particular favorite, but if I had to choose one and recommend it, it would be RumbleMod. It’s a mod that adjusts the parameters of the rumble, and it’s useful when playing a wall map. For example, if the wall map has floor panels, the controllers will vibrate nonstop, which is very annoying. This mod can disable the rumble on touching a wall, negating this issue.

It is also possible to make the rumble a little stronger, but you can’t make it stronger than the hardware specs, so don’t expect too much.
This mod can be installed by ModAssistant.

Q. Are there any specific challenges you’ve had to overcome while modding?

Whenever I make a mod, I always face a series of challenges. It would be nice if it worked the way I want it to in one shot sometimes!

For example, when I made a joke video about the Coffin Dance meme, I had a serious problem. The first half of the map was working fine, but it started to go wrong in the middle. In the video, you can see when Bobby’s limb-notes appear, and my mod was supposed to put on sunglasses and a hat, which it did fine. However, Beat Saber has a mechanism for reusing notes that were cut or flowing away, and that has a negative effect on my mod, creating issues with spawning the sunglasses and hat, as you can see around the 1:00 mark.

Q. Are there any other aspects of the Beat Saber community that you’re involved with, aside from modding?

So far I haven’t been involved in anything other than modding and YouTube videos.
The world of BeatSaber today is built on the help of many people, and I’m grateful to everyone:

The people who make the musics and beatmaps. Also the sites that distribute them.
The people at BSMG who approve and distribute the mods.
The people who create and run ScoreSaber.
The people who make custom savers, notes, and avatars…
It’s impossible to write about them all.
I think they are all indispensable treasures to BeatSaber.

Q. I would also really love to ask about your YouTube channel! You have a very recognisable avatar, and it seems like every video they have a new outfit! Do you do all the design and modelling by yourself?

Thank you for your interest in my channel.
Sometimes I make outfits myself, but most of them are purchased or are free use. My BeatSaber playing skills are mediocre, and I’m not a great dancer, but people still come to watch me. I wanted to entertain them, so I started changing outfits frequently.
I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for watching my videos. It’s very much appreciated.

Q. What inspired you to start posting your map playthroughs?

As I said in my first answer, I was inspired by the Omega Sisters’ BeatSaber video to start a YouTube channel, as well. Sometimes I will make a video with a dedicated mod because I admire the creativity of them, as well. I’m not quite as good as the Sisters, but I hope people will still enjoy watching my videos.

Q. Do you have any favourite maps and/or mappers?

I am so grateful to all of the mappers. It’s thanks to them that I’ve been playing BeatSaber for so long. There are many mappers I like, but if I had to pick one, it would be Joetastic; I play his maps a lot. The pace at which he creates maps is amazing. He has made a lot of anime music maps, so he is very popular in Japan as well.

One of Luna’s playthroughs of a Joetastic map!

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Thank you for taking your time and reading my interview to the end.
Since English is not my native language, I’m not sure I’m able to convey my thoughts well. At the end, please allow me to share a bit more of my content:

If you’re interested in my mods, I’ve put together a playlist here.

If you’re interested in my videos, I recommend the joke videos using a dedicated mod.

I’m a YouTuber as well as a modder, so if you subscribe to my channel, I’ll be soaring with joy. I hope to see you again somewhere. See you!

Thanks very much to Nalulululuna for taking the time to work with us on creating this interview! They’re a very talented person, and we really hope you check out their work and support them on their journey. If you have any comments or question for them, please ask below!

Tune in next week to hear about Chara, a 3D modeller and BSMG support/moderator extraordinaire!

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  1. Sky Yuki says:

    yay Naluluna get featured.

  2. Nalulululuna says:

    Thank you for your interest in me. You even subscribed to my channel? What a sweetheart!
    I made this video to thank you for your support.

    You may find that it’s not what you expected to see a lot of normal play videos.
    I can’t put out videos using dedicated mods very often because they take so much time to produce.
    I’ll be making more in the future, so I hope you’ll be patient.

    At the end of the article, you can see my message “if you subscribe, I’ll be soaring with joy.”
    I was SOARING in this video. It’s also a reminder to myself that if I get carried away, I’ll get hurt.

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