Moe Shop – Charm

Difficulties Expert
39 26

Mapper: popplio When I first heard this track, I couldn’t help but dance to it, Moe Shop did really good on this song, Its so catchy, and you just want to move! Have fun with this one! Giving yo…

sualocin Synthpop Synthwave

Never Stop – FM84

Difficulties Expert
5 0

Mapper: Sualocin Second song that I mapped, now with more lighting! A poppy and energetic synth pop track designed to get your arms moving in the air and your body grooving. Make sure to warm-up and t…

thuus Pop

Matt & Kim- Make a Mess

Difficulties Expert
12 0

This will make you sweat. If you have ever been to a M&K concert this will make sense (If you haven’t, GO). Sorry for the quick start on the map 😛 (1st one made). Had alot of fun making this…