Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
31 1

Mapper: SaitoJunko そこそこ激しい ストリームの曲 ケガをしないでください …私のように! ==== Moderately intense stream songs Please do not get injured …like me! ==== Music…

grumbulbum House

Work – Bossfight

Difficulties Expert
20 6

Get ready for some dubstep action with my third custom level. Be sure to check out my others. Expert Only BPM: 174 Notes: 873? Please leave feedback in discord by @grumbulbum and share your thoughts 🙂…

binitsba Anime

Maware! Setsugetsuka

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
51 216

Ending song from the anime Unbreakable machine doll and my first mapping. Lighting done. I’m open to constructive criticism. Length: 1m 23s Difficulties: Expert+, Expert and Hard…