GustavoBR44 Pop

Pumped Up Kicks (Brazilian Cover) – TKJ

Difficulties Expert
5 0

Mapper: GustavoBR44 This is the second map that I create for Beat Saber. The song is a brazilian cover of the music Pumped Up Kicks that you can find here: Hope you like it! 😀 Any feedbacks on how it …


Uber Rave X

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
11 5

Mapper: Fenshua Difficulties : Expert, Expert+, Challenge Length : 2:14 BPM: 175 Challenge : – Made for really confident players. – the 360° and 33 notes stream pattern is in the folder (P…


Yggdrasil – DJ Genki vs Kobaryo

Difficulties Expert Expert+
19 0

Mapper: MyNamesNotSteve Expert An exercise in my limits of complex streams, and my first serious attempt at mapping. 200 bpm Expert+: NJS 19 and frequent crossover in streams Expert: NJS 16 and no cro…