legos Electronic

Propane Nightmares (v.2)

Difficulties Expert+
41 115

[Expert+][RE-UPLOAD] Fixed some notes that were placed in the wrong direction, as well as adding in some more notes where I felt it needed more. Also tweaked li…

revela Pop

Crush – Tessa Violet

Difficulties Expert+
16 31

Mapper: Revela This beat track is set at the Expert+ difficulty. I tried to make this map as fluid and smooth as possible after being discouraged by other maps that go for random blocks that don’…



Difficulties Easy Expert+
1 19

Mapper: Wh4t PLEASE dont complain about the title in the comments (example: “The name is Run Boy Run. Not WoodKid.”) ALSO this may lag out your game so be aware!…


yaseta – Bluenation

Difficulties Expert+
486 283

Mapper: kikis Today we’re presenting a song that stuck to us from another rhythm game, osu!. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Collab between Amanatsu (…