Miku Vocaloid

Meteor ft. Hatsune Miku

Difficulties Expert+
37 12

Mapper: Miku More Miku maps A huge thank you to my testers! twitch.tv/bentaisenpai twitch.tv/deltacreedx twitch.tv/calvin_isacat twitch.tv/rexxxzi twitch.tv/qtpop Discord: Miku#0139 Twitch: Comfy_Miku…


黒魔 / Chroma – Dark Sheep

Difficulties Expert+
4 8

Mapper: hi23 Difficulties: ExpertPlus This is among the first few Beat Maps I have ever made and I truly hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!…


Nightcore – Sarcasm

Difficulties Expert+
31 6

Mapper: ururufox1068 (I’ve found a mistake…So I posted it again.) Demo play movie→https://twitter.com/nanaoFox1068/status/1179688046003814400?s=20 Original music→ BPM:212 Expert+…


Turbo Strawberry

Difficulties Expert+
18 5

Mapper: acidnotation Made a song mostly around being a difficult map. This is note for note, no inaccuracies here. BPM: 200 Notes: 1247 Length: 3:13…