Uber Rave X

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
14 9

Mapper: Fenshua Difficulties : Expert, Expert+, Challenge Length : 2:14 BPM: 175 Challenge : – Made for really confident players. – the 360° and 33 notes stream pattern is in the folder (P…


RIOT – Aiwa

Difficulties Easy Expert+
96 5

Mapper: AussiePizza What happens when 3 Aussies and a bloody GreatValuePizza come together? They make a Beat Saber map Mapping Sections: 0 – 249 SimplyMarvellous 250 – 274 TheRealZeroz 275…


Gram vs. Camellia – Ragnarok

Difficulties Expert+
17 8

Mapper: Jez This took months to make but its finally out; and I know everyone will hate it Bpm: too many changes to count for fucks sakes Njs: 23 MonkaOmega Diff: Hexpert+ Ultra (I dont know a difficu…


Octopath Traveler – Final Boss Mix

Difficulties Expert+
13 2

Mapper: LompL Mix of The one They Call the Witch, Moment of Truth, and Daughter of the Dark God. Song in-game is called Galdera for simplifying reasons. No sexy chromalighting since I felt the red and…