Knock ‘Em

Difficulties Expert Expert+
8 3

Mapper: thegoodboi I had fun. Loved the song. 😉 -= NOT MY AUDIO =- Original: -General Lights: ~2,903 Walls: ~34 Bombs: ~3 Errors: 0 -Expert Standard: Not…


Myon Myon Meme Douga

Difficulties Expert+
36 12

Mapper: kikis Expert+ difficulty. This was a little rough to map but I there it is. Has 150 bpm at 1st half and changes to 180 bpm at Night of Nights part. Also added some fake walls, cuz why not. Hav…


Tobu – Colors

Difficulties Expert+
26 3

Mapper: Raphpower Expert+ map with lights and two speedy streams , “Low End Expert+” Special thanks to Redmagi for his tests ! Enjoy !…