Find The Red Spy

Difficulties Easy
15 3

Mapper: RandomKenny THIS MAP IS FOR 600IQ Players only! The map IS passable and not borked You can pass the map, but can you actually get on the leaderboard? You’ll have to figure it out.…


Chirality – Camelia

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
5 30

Mapper: ayylmao Chirality – Camelia, Definitely super proud of this map, had lots of fun and thought it was well done, the difficulties are all a little bit hard than meant to be besides expert …


Danger – 8:02

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
50 6

Mapper: pixxlycube Didn’t think I would actually be able to upload this one today, but here we are. First time ever I attempted to make use of json editing inside the map, and oh boy, was it a m…