Loud House Remix
Difficulties Easy
0 0

Mapper: bfreemanfl Difficulties: Easy 100% Kid Tested and Approved Light Effects…

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
9 6

Mapper: Klexx Difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert easy/normal/hard/expert; This song has a lot of variety in speed and tempo, so there are lots of fast note sequences as well as bombs and walls d…

Bob The Builder – Theme Song
Difficulties Easy
1 3

Mapper: TicklishPickleWi Difficulties: Easy 2nd time mapping! Tried my very best to get this in sync with the beat. Hope you enjoy!…

Turn Back from The Beginner’s Guide
Difficulties Easy
3 0

Mapper: SomethingUndersc Difficulties: Easy my first custom song 🙂 The song from the cradits of the beginner’s guide. i’ve made it on easy for new people and i might make some higher diffi…

Loyal – ODESZA
Difficulties Easy Hard
5 0

Mapper: Stoneseeker Difficulties: Hard, Easy I learned how to map tracks just so I could play THIS ONE SONG. Thought I’d share the love for Odesza’s infamous encore track.…