Wishing You Could Go Back In Time? (How To Downgrade To Any Older Beat Saber Version, Quest included!)

Maybe you’ve updated Beat Saber to version 1.14 on Oculus Quest and BMBF hasn’t been updated yet, so you wish you were still on version 1.13.2 for BMBF mods to work (a version for version 14 is in private beta testing right now, but doesn’t have a release date yet).
Maybe you’re feeling nostalgic for the way the old PC version of Beat Saber used to look and want to go back. Maybe your favorite mod was never updated and you want to play it again on the older version.
Regardless of your situation, the Beat Saber Legacy Group has you covered and can help you take that walk down Beat Saber History by giving you tools to downgrade your version of Beat Saber. They even have a special beachyspharmacy.com leaderboard to let you compete on the old versions!
To get started, head over to the Beat Saber Legacy Group Discord and you can find guides and get help. They also have a website at Beat Saber Legacy (bslegacy.com)
(PC Guide. Join the Discord for the Oculus Quest guide)
What’s your favorite version of Beat Saber since the beginning and why? Let us know in the comments below!
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  1. coolcat8b says:

    Hello Elliot,

    bslegacy.com says “This only works for Steam.” You might want to change your title.

    1. elliotttate says:

      The website is what needs to be updated. They do support Quest now

    2. ENDGAME7201 says:

      The linked tutorial is only for steam but if you go on the discord you can do it for quest (there are other tutorials online for quest)

  2. baZonic says:

    I had some concern when I heard that I need my password and 2FA after I changed my password to a temporary password and then did it I looked at GlassWire(Firewall) and saw that all the connections was to steam(cache(local).steamcontent.com and more), no connection was to any outside server. It made me feel safe but when giving out your password you shouldn’t so don’t, do like me: have email, 2FA activated and ready, change password to a temporary password like: ThisIsNotMyPassword12321 and then change it back to your current password. Always be safe online guys, but I will mark this as safe.

  3. JacknoDK says:

    does this work with mac

    1. rolandblais says:

      Yes – check site, there’s a Mac installer.

  4. cheezitupp says:

    1.12 because of the multiplayer mod with lighting- I shed a tear for those who never experienced it

    Plus the menu was more in character.

    1. arithmetic says:

      so am i reading this article wrong, can we not roll back to 1.12 and have all those things?

      1. cheezitupp says:

        Wow I didn’t see this until now, we can, the article asked which version was my favorite and why. You CAN still go back, but there are no old multiplayer servers up, and finding those old mods is next to impossible. I have a couple versions of mods stored but otherwise good luck.

  5. Lccosby says:

    This doesn’t work if you are new and don’t have the old version backed up. I was pissed I bought the game.

    1. skincarver says:

      it worked just fine for me in that exact situation…

  6. route6dee6 says:

    Sorry this video is a mess. You talk too fast, there’s repeats….

  7. Kawaiisushi says:

    so for bmbf i cant sync my songs to bs. it says the modded version is not installed

  8. someone says:


    1. mark4498 says:

      I have yet to be able to downgrade from 1.15.0. I’ve been trying to find some help, but i’m not getting responses. Sidequest errors when i attempt to back up my APK.

  9. Formedras says:

    So, uh, someone put in some kind of spam link to a pharmacy?

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