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Difficulties Expert+
32 6

Mapper: sotarks It’s been a while since I mapped on Beat Saber, took me so long to complete this. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as i enjoy mapping it. If you have any suggestions or feed…

K-Pop Korean

BoA – Fox

Difficulties Expert+
44 2

Mapper: noxn I really like this song! I went for an Expert difficulty but I think it ended up being Expert+. Lights in the bridge might be kind of intense, so consider static lighting if you are sensi…


Clouds (Short ver.)

Difficulties Easy Normal Expert+
55 1

Mapper: mystikmol Beginner friendly song! (Includes Easy, Normal and Expert+) Super chill release from a local band here that I’ve grown very fond of! I hope you enjoy their track coupled with t…