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Copy & Paste Lighting Events in EditSaber + JSON Editing Tips

Note: A fork of EditSaber with new features such as copy and pasting lighting within the editor is out. This guide could still be useful for doing advanced things with your map editing, but if you’re just looking to copy and paste lighting, use the MediocreMapper here.

Something that can be VERY tedious when mapping a Beat Saber map is the lighting. Some people are tempted to skip doing lighting, but good lighting, if done right, can absolutely change the feel of a map and bring it to life in incredible ways.

Hopefully this guide will help make the lighting process a bit easier as you’ll be able to make complex lighting events and then copy and past those events to other parts of the song.

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to get a good text editor. To follow along with this guide, I recommend downloading the amazing and free Atom editor if you don’t already have it at Atom.io

Once you install Atom, you’ll want to install a couple “packages.” They’re like free DLC or “Addon packs” for the editor. (You can start the video below as it steps you through installing the Packages)

I recommend downloading:

1. Colorful-json
2. File-watcher
3. Minimap
4. Pretty-json

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 1.20.26 PM.jpg

This is a brief overview of copy and pasting lighting, obstacles or other large sections of notes using both EditSaber and the Atom editor. Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to comment below or find me on the Discord.

(Note: I recommend making a backup of your song before proceeding. The JSON file format is extremely simple and so it’s rather hard to screw anything up. That said, the only thing you might want to watch for is if you forget to copy a comma after your curly brackets. Anyway, enjoy!)



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