Connect Scoresaber with Bsaber.com

Connecting your Scoresaber account with Bsaber.com makes it really easy to check your scores (your URL is easy to remember: bsaber.com/members/{YourUsername} ) and let others compare their scores to yours on the bsaber social network.

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To get started, either click on this link:

Or go to your profile and click on the “Profile Widgets” button.

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Scroll down and press on the “Score Saber” button

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Here you can add your Scoresaber ID

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You can then choose to sort your songs by recent songs that you played or your top scores.

Getting Your Score Saber ID:

To get your Score Saber ID, you’ll need to go to the Score Saber Leaderboards:

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There, search for your Username and the top right.

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When you get to the page, you can copy the User ID from the URL bar. It’s the digits past the /u/

Then you’ll simply paste that UserID into your Score Saber Profile Widget and the two accounts will be linked.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Comments (9)
  1. MeeName says:

    Hi- really sorry to ask the same thing again but somehow it does not work for me..
    I do not find my scoresaber ID: i played several ranked maps and there should be something i guess. Or doesn’t Scoresaber work at all now for Quest? When searching my username in Global Ranking, empty ranking list is shown
    (I used Sidequest and have BMGF installed/ do i have to link my steam account as well?)

    Hope you tell me i just did not see the easy and obvious solution..;) – without custom ranking list a big part is missing..

    Thanks for any reply

    1. hello_saber says:

      I used this video on how to find Steam ID (Score Saber tied to Steam account) and it worked for me.

  2. n3tman says:

    Awesome! This is much easier than the previous way of doing this 🙂

    Just a small bug: toggling sort method doesn’t seem to work. I got mine set to “Recent songs”, but “Top Scores” are still used: https://bsaber.com/members/n3tman/

  3. Spledgey says:

    I have a question, I know I asked this very late but, problem is: When I search up my name on the Scoresaber leaderboards, It doesn’t find it. With this we arrive at the question: Do I need to search up my BeastSaber username or do I have to search another type of username in particular? If so, which one?

    1. elliotttate says:

      If you still can’t find it, it’s your SteamID. Use something like https://steamid.io/ to get that and use steamID64 from that page as shown in the picture above.

  4. I have a question 🙂

    I completely did all of this and i guess its all connected but i cant find a answer online somewhere.
    ill just get to the question. How do you change your profile picture on scoresaber? do you only need to put your user ID with your account on bsaber? or do you need to go some other settings or some stuff?

  5. i cant see my score on scoresaber after i complete a ranked map on beatsaber help me

  6. Cr1ght says:

    For some reason whenever I type in my username in Score Saber, my profile or my Score Saber ID doesn’t show up. I’m not so sure why, and I’ve already checked the comments to find an answer and I found out about steam IDs but the thing is, I don’t really use or have steam. (Should I download it? Is there way to fix this?)

  7. This is really good. Thanks for the “How To”

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