Alphabeat Playlists

Marshmello Pack

Alphabeat is back once again! This time – Firestrike, Nitronik.exe & Timeweaver bring you the Marshmello Music Pack, with 6 Fully Fledged songs for you to experience! We hope you enjoy.


Extra Sensory

The Extra Sensory event saw the release of five new maps that use the game in new, creative ways that will flip how you play on its head. This song pack contains all of them in one place for y…


Fall Guys Song Pack

This is a part of the unofficial Beat Saber Fall Guys pack!
In addition to these maps, the pack contains platforms, notes, sabers, walls, and hitsounds.


Pegboard Nerds Pack

The new mapping group, Alphabeat, presents its first map pack, featuring songs by the amazing Pegboard Nerds! 10 full-spread maps, including One Saber and 360° difficulties, mapped by Rayman95…