[Xavier] [xavier] Playlists

The Mello Pack

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[Xavier] is here to bring you some chill, danceable maps that are sure to get you moving to the beat!
The playlist features music by Marshmello, in collaboration with various artists.
Use of t…

AliceXIV Playlists

Fitbeat Map Pack

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Alice is proud to present the Fitbeat map pack! Get your daily workout with songs from artists such as Foster The People, Tokyo Machine, Big Time Rush, USAO, and more! They are sure to get you…


NoodleJams Vol. 1

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The Ramen Noodle group is back at it again, this time with a volume of absolute jammers! This pack also features a number of multiple difficulties to ensure more people have access to experien…

Bytrius Playlists

2000’s Rock Music Pack

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Bytrius and ConnorJC love 2000’s Rock, and decided to rally together alongside Bearly, Reddek, Emir, ETAN, FEFELAND, and Noxn to create a whole music pack to share that love for it! Jam out wi…

Sotarks Sotarks

K/DA ALL OUT Music Pack

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Sotarks is proud to present the K/DA ALL OUT Music Pack! All the 5 amazing tracks included THE BADDEST, VILLAIN, I’LL SHOW YOU, MORE & DRUM GO DUM are available with all difficultie…

Cyrix Playlists

Symphonic Metal Pack

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Community playlist made by members of the Beat Saber Mapping Discord and BSMG. A collaboration originally meant to be released in November, but it is now finally here. The aim of the pack is t…

Pixelguy Pixelguy Playlists

MYRNE Music Pack

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Pixelguy, nitronik.exe and JohnnyDee are proud to present the MYRNE Music Pack!
6 Amazing tracks by MYRNE, featuring Grant and Popeska, with vocals by Aviella, Nevve, Emily Hendrix and Cozi Zu…


Curators’ Picks of 2020

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2020 has been a rough year for all of us, but at the very least it has provided us with a lot of good maps! In an attempt to keep the home page interesting while beatsaver is down, the curator…