nixiekorten Official Playlists

Tokyo Neo Swing

Nixie is back with another Electro Swing Pack, this time featuring the album Tokyo Neo Swing by Dyes Iwasaki and Lily Mizusaki. 6 songs mapped to full spreads, plus atmospheric chroma lighting

Alice Official Playlists

S3RL Pack

This mega collaboration project features 12 of S3RL’s latest hits! Feel the beat with a collection of 60 mapped difficulties, plus chroma lightshows for each song!

ReddiGamer Official Playlists

AJR Music Pack

AJR is an indie pop band that has exploded in popularity in recent years. All of the mappers in this pack love their music, so we felt we should get together and map a bunch of their songs. Ma…

Alphabeat Official Playlists

Pixel Terror Pack

Alphabeat is back again with their third music pack! This time, Pixel Terror is being put in the spotlight, and we are honored to bring this music pack to you all.
Featuring 6 members of the t…