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The Fan Art of Beat Saber

Things we’re passionate about pull the imagination inside of us outwards and channel our inner artist to do incredible and amazing things. Albert Einstein was famous for saying “Creativity is

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Beat Saber Official Update

Update: All core mods are working with the new version!   The Largest Official Update Yet! Beat Games has just dropped their largest official update to Beat Saber yet! The update includes a fu…

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A month has gone by and there’s been no word on who won the 2018 BSMG Holiday Contest. Who won those awesome VR game keys like the new critically acclaimed Contractors VR, Slightly Heroes, and…

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The BSMG Holiday Contest

Holiday Voting Time! We have a new plugin to vote in-game with, courtesy of @moon#0002! Requires BeatSaberCustomUI (Steam Download) (Oculus Download) Installation: 1. Download the version of t…