hazzzah Pop Trap

Whippin (feat. Felix Snow)

Difficulties Expert+
8 1

Mapper: HazzzaH This is my second map, I tried a bit harder to make the lighting better and so there weren’t as many double hits. It should utilize each arm separately more often than th…

garquo Trap

Hekler & Gladez – Sonic Boom

Difficulties Expert
2 7

Mapper: Garquo I will add more difficulties soon! Special thanks to Hekler & Gladez for letting me make this map! -My YouTube is @Garquo Official -Check out my Soundcloud too @Garquo And o…

krisbeyk Trap


Difficulties Expert
5 0

Mapper: krisbeyk Another song for my buddy. This is a first upload of this song so there might be things I’ve missed since I’ve been looking at this for hours.