Krydar Trap


Difficulties Expert+
16 3

Mapper: Krydar Another beatmap! This one is a little easier than Ether Strike, but it does have its tricky parts 😉 Have fun!…

BlackBlazon House Trap


Difficulties Expert+
25 6

Mapper: blackblazon Time – 3:53 BPM – 172 Expert + Notes – 1346 Obstacles – 150 Finally the last and Final version of Alarm! Lighting made by ~Fromen~ Enjoy!…

arid323 Trap

iPhone Trap Remix – Trap City

Difficulties Expert
2 21

Mapper: arid323 This is a pretty difficult map if you ask me. Just decided to make a sequel to my crappy “iPhone Marimba” song. Used a different program this time so it’s WAY better.…

nikey Dubstep Trap

Aero Chord – Drop it

Difficulties Hard
80 140

I wanted a proper work out song and I find that everything that’s currently in store is either over-complicated (for no good reason apart from showing off) or without enough body movement. Conse…