saitojunko Japanese Speedcore

Transceiver FX

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
17 4

Mapper: saitojunko Transceiver FX !! この譜面を作ることを私は長い時間妄想していました 強い困難のストリーム、片手地帯を含みます。私はそれらが大好き! Transceiver FX !! I had been paranoid for a long time to make this music Includes a difficult stream, one-…

thegoodboi Speedcore

Valkyrie Attack

Difficulties Easy Expert+
4 0

Mapper: thegoodboi I had fun. Trying to make a good map. -= NOT MY AUDIO =- Original: Notes: 809 NPS: 5.16 NJS: 17 BPM: 166 Bombs: 0 Walls: 26 Lights: 2,314 Errors: 0 Special thanks to: @Checkthepan @…