lman90245 Rock

Mega Man 3 – Top Man (Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
46 11

Mapper: lman Time: 3:47 BPM: 200 Notes: 1382 Obstacles: 10 Expert+ Only Just look at Top Man’s smug face, don’t you just want to smack it? Video here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/…

commandoxero Rock

In the End – Black Veil Brides

Difficulties Expert
20 62

Mapper: CommandoXero This is the first song I made for Beat Saver. It has Expert only for now, I might add other difficulties later. Constructive criticism is always appreciated and thanks for…

redseventeen Rock

Big Deal – Hourcast

Difficulties Expert
2 1

Mapper: redseventeen Big Deal by Hourcast. Expert only. Full lighting. Song 2/12 for the year. Kept it a little easier this time around compared to my last one. Good luck and have fun! Comment…

guildmarm Rock

Bad Apple!! (Nhato Remix)

Difficulties Expert
171 19

Mapper: guildmarm Made this song for myself but wanted to share. Has events and progressive difficulty. It’s 6.5 mins long so prepare for a tad bit of endurance. Please enjoy!!!