xdannicus Rock

Twisted Transistor

Difficulties Expert
287 15

Twisted Transistor by KoRn from the album See You on the Other Side 🙂 More like a mix between Hard & Expert, but flows well and isn’t like some of the other insane songs I’ve seen. Enj…

azes Rock

Sabaton – Sparta

Difficulties Hard
70 69

Hard difficulty only. This is my first Beat Saber song so every feedback is appreciated, here in the comments or you can find me on the Beat Saber Mod Group discord.…

mandodo Rock

Sarabande – MAX

Difficulties Expert
2 3

Only Expert, short but hard! Song is from the famous dancing game Pump It Up and features some gnarly pianostrings, ride them like waves! Can you clear one of the hardest songs on Beat Saver? Give it …