maurdekye Pop Rock

Fat Lip – Sum 41

Difficulties Expert
34 3

Mapper: maurdekye This is a fantastic example of a mapper listening to feedback and creating a highly polished end result! Almost every issue in the original review / version has been resolved. The ma…

dietmoxie Pop Rock

Pompeii – Bastille

Difficulties Hard
1123 49

Mapper: dietmoxie Really fun song! The rhythm feels good, it has solid flow and overall matches up to the feel of the song well. You don’t usually see the long streaks of just up and down notes on a “…

tzahrkiya Rock

The Nobodies – Marilyn Mansun

Difficulties Expert
11 4

Mapper: tzahrkiya new to beat saber and this is my first attempt at a track, lighting could be better but I`m happy with the flow and movement of beats within the track. Tried to mix it up a…