Bakuenjin Rock

Superfly – White Light

Difficulties Expert
44 8

Mapper: bakuenjin 7th map, Expert difficulty fully mapped and lighted! Tried to get more movement into gameplay while not overdoing it and keeping the flow of the map. Feedback always welcome! Enjoy 🙂…

saladserver Rock

NSP – Cookies!

Difficulties Expert
88 6

Mapper: saladserver An Expert map of ‘Cookies!’ by Ninja Sex Party! Time: 1:25 BPM: 140 Notes: 292 Obstacles: 34 Playthrough: Original: _zU…

ryuk845 Pop Rock

Weak – AJR

Difficulties Expert
1035 34

Mapper: ryuk845 Reviewed Expert: This is a really fun and well done map. It’s on the easy side of expert (probably closer to “hard”), but still has a few challenging spots. I’d give it an almost perfe…

generalgrievance Rock

Thought Contagion

Difficulties Expert
56 12

  Reviewed Expert: While not too much of a challenge, fun rhythms and beautiful lighting lead to this becoming one of my favorite “chill” maps. The track switches excellently between …