maurdekye Rap Rock

Pendulum – Crush

Difficulties Expert Expert+
266 124

BPM: 174 Difficulty: Expert, Expert+ Lighting: Full I included an Expert difficulty for the song, so the intensity of the Expert+ difficulty doesn’t intimidate you enough to not listen to this s…

jfwizz Rock

Phoenix Down (Zardonic Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
4 11

BPM: 200 Genre: Electronic Difficulty: Expert + Lights: No, never got around to it. Probably won’t ever. Wanted to create a song that was both difficult and varied in play style as the song goes…

Bakuenjin Rock

Superfly – White Light

Difficulties Expert
41 6

Mapper: bakuenjin 7th map, Expert difficulty fully mapped and lighted! Tried to get more movement into gameplay while not overdoing it and keeping the flow of the map. Feedback always welcome! Enjoy 🙂…

saladserver Rock

NSP – Cookies!

Difficulties Expert
85 6

Mapper: saladserver An Expert map of ‘Cookies!’ by Ninja Sex Party! Time: 1:25 BPM: 140 Notes: 292 Obstacles: 34 Playthrough: Original: _zU…