atomtoast Rock

Sabaton – Blood of Bannockburn

Difficulties Expert
61 105

Mapper: atomtoast 192 bpm Expert only Some especially difficult/tricky parts This is my first map, special thanks to Hexagonial, DiscordAutoMod and Fromen for initial feedback. If you have any of your…

maurdekye Rap Rock

Pendulum – Crush

Difficulties Expert Expert+
265 124

BPM: 174 Difficulty: Expert, Expert+ Lighting: Full I included an Expert difficulty for the song, so the intensity of the Expert+ difficulty doesn’t intimidate you enough to not listen to this s…

jfwizz Rock

Phoenix Down (Zardonic Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
4 11

BPM: 200 Genre: Electronic Difficulty: Expert + Lights: No, never got around to it. Probably won’t ever. Wanted to create a song that was both difficult and varied in play style as the song goes…