generaltsotofu R&B

Love Train – The O’Jays

Difficulties Hard
2 1

Mapper: generaltsotofu My first beat map for Beat Saber. Only hard difficulty. I’ll tackle Expert on my next go-around. I hope you enjoy it.…

nihakue R&B

Look At Me Now (fixed)

Difficulties Expert
9 4

Mapper: nihakue Previous version had an arrow inside a wall that was preventing full combos, sorry everyone! It’s gone now. Look At Me Now (Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhyme). Chart by nihakue. Song…

roccoluce88 R&B

Call Out My Name – The Weeknd

Difficulties Normal
15 2

Mapper: roccoluce88 Difficulty: Normal Notes: 482 Very flowing, your arms will know where they have to move on their own. [DO NOT PLAY NO ARROWS MODE WITH THIS BEATMAP, IT DOESN’T WOR…

iceman154435 R&B

Mine | Bazzi

Difficulties Expert
8 2

Mapper: iceman154435 143 BPM | Expert First creation on Beat Saber Not a hard track, but fun Uploaded incorrectly the first time…