awesumsause Hip Hop Pop Rap Trap


Difficulties Expert+
3 0

Mapper: awesumsause Circles V2 Due to the copy paste nature of the song, the map seemed a bit too copy paste for some people and I agreed. I changed up a few parts to go more with lyrics than the beat…

fatbeanzoop Hip Hop Rap Soundtrack


Difficulties Expert
17 1

Mapper: fatbeanzoop In Da Club by 50 Cent the chad, GO GO GO GO GO Thanks noxu for feedback when mapping GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO OG OG OG OG OG OG OG O GO GOG OG OG OG OG OG OG OG OG GO GO GO GO OG…

noxn Hip Hop Rap

Dawin – Bikini Body

Difficulties Expert+
6 2

Mapper: noxn highly experimental map (I haven’t used many walls). some patterns may feel awkward or be hard to score high on. I was going to tone down the walls, simplify patterns, and do an exp…