bryantaurusrex Pop
Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men
Difficulties Normal
8 4

My first attempt! I only have Normal mode so far. I plan to provide every difficulty level, but wanted to put this up first in case I get any helpful feedback before committing to any modifications.…

beatmeat Pop
Party Favor – MDR
Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
3 4

Being the first of my Unofficial DLC Pack, MDR by Party Favor kicks things off with an Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert mode to suit all playstyles, taking heavy inspiration from the original Beat Saber …

mrtomnus Pop
Lady Gaga & R. Kelly – Do What U Want
Difficulties Hard
6 1

Hard mode only. Includes lightning effects! I chose not to do expert for this song because it’s on the slower side – a fast, complex Expert beatmap wouldn’t suit it. If people want i…