l1beros Pop

Intro – The XX

Difficulties Expert
49 2

Mapper: Lberos Expert only. It’s my first ever beatmap, so don’t judge too harshly if it’s not to your taste. Light effects included.…

nlsoldaten Pop

Martin Landh – Jumpin And Jivin 4

Difficulties Expert
4 1

Mapper: nlsoldaten Another classic piano song. Its very good if you like swingers, at least i like it so i hope you aswell. ENJOY!!! If you want to put gameplay of this map on youtube then make sure y…

drunfaehig Pop

Ariana Grande – Into You

Difficulties Expert
96 21

Mapper: drunfaehig Expert Only | Lighting Events | Obstacles | BPM 108 | 722 Notes | Duration 4:04 I’m a big Ariana Grande fan so I felt the desire to create a beat chart for what is one of her …