realguy Metal Punk

RUSSKAJA – Energia

Difficulties Expert
8 0

Mapper: realguy let’s begin the energy exchange. there is no rest. thought this song would make a fun beat saber level, so I made it one. video:…

fatbeanzoop Hardcore Metal Metalcore


Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
24 14

Mapper: fatbeanzoop There aren’t enough dance vibro maps so I made one. It also has windows and inverted notes. 3 difficulties included: Expert (vibro): Windows and inverted notes for most of th…

santaklau Metal Rock

Limp Bizkit – My Generation (9.1)

Difficulties Expert
4 13

Mapper: santaklau Band: Limp Bizkit Song: My Generation Album: Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water Year: 2000 Genre: Nu-Metal YT: BPM: 103.9 Jumpspeed: 15 Start Offset: -94 Change 1: Cha…