georgemacfio Meme


Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
53 113

Curator’s Note Pretty interesting since it is only a 6 seconds song. It is gimmicky and makes us test our slashing skills again and again to get onto the leaderboard.   Mapper’…

riddick Meme

Clown Core – Toilet

Difficulties Expert
9 5

A snippet of my favorite part of Clown Core’s song Toilet. My first beatmap, so I kept it short & sweet. Put it through a lot of playtesting, hopefully you’ll like it!

sirdoggington Meme

Skim Milk – Piemations

Difficulties Normal
15 0

Mapper: sirdoggington Hello I am SirDoggington, I am very new to the Beat Saber modding community and i just wanted to try something simple for my first track. Enjoy what ever this is P.S. I k…

nallywood Meme

We Think We Know You – Bo Burnham

Difficulties Expert
37 7

Mapper: nallywood This is my first ever beat map. Please give me constructive feedback after playing so I can know how to improve for future maps. I will update this track if you guys have any…

APervySage Meme

Gamecube Startup

Difficulties Expert
102 113

This track is not for everyone. It’s a short, 15 second map that replicates the gamecube startup sound. It’s hard to rate these meme songs, because if the gamecube startup sound brings nostalg…

vince77 Meme

S.I.N.G – Kiss Me (Ver1.0)

Difficulties Normal
2 4

Mapper: vince77 S.I.N.G is Chinese New Generation Girls Group. I only created “Normal level” for this song. It is the first version and not that perfect. Please leave a common to h…