Mewkel Meme

Find Da Wae – CG5

Difficulties Expert
49 4

Mapper: mewkel I was playing some VRChat and came across this song. Fell in love with it instantly! Dead meme, but still a good song! Haha. There is a little “learning curve” to th…

Kolezan Meme

Happy Birthday song

Difficulties Easy
9 7

Mapper: Kolezan Here’s an happy birthday song with easy difficulty! The saying goes that if the birthday kid can survive this map then she’ll get anything she wants! Should be easy…

0w0whatsthis Meme


Difficulties Expert
0 26

Mapper: 0w0whatsthis A short and (possibly) impossible map where do the dance from the meme where applicable. Source: Music source: Lacheque – Dragonfruit Salad — https://soundclou…