noxn K-Pop Korean Pop

MAMAMOO – gogobebe

Difficulties Expert+
21 0

Mapper: noxn go go bay bay discord: joey#2275 || Shortest survey you’ll ever take (same form for all of my maps):…

Oyster K-Pop Korean

HIP – Mamamoo

Difficulties Expert+
31 2

Mapper: oyster My 3rd map! Tried to get better at flow and patterns here. Once again thanks to Ellie for suggesting the song. Also started experimenting more with the lighting. Any feedback for anythi…

Oyster Hip Hop K-Pop Korean Pop

Burn it up

Difficulties Expert+
2 2

Mapper: oyster My 2nd map. I feel like I took a lot of the lessons I learnt from my previous map and put them at work here. Thanks to Bloodcloak for the feedback. I wasn’t able to get this prope…

noxn K-Pop Korean Pop Reggae

EXO – Ko Ko Bop

Difficulties Expert+
15 1

Mapper: noxn a true bop | special thanks to for playtesting for me! Song picture by LEAlbum:…